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Law Man

Law Man - Kristen Ashley I have a lot to say about this book!!! I think the first thing that needs to be said is Mara drove me to drink. Her insecurities were just so dang annoying. I hate to even say that, it just sounds cold BUT trust me on this=) I hated her rating scale, if I ever hear "2.5" another time in my life I might just lose it! I hated her inability to speak half the time. I hated what she said when she spoke. I even hated it when she was silent and in her head. UGH!!!!

Now on to all the positives, there are a bunch! They start with MITCHELL JAMES LAWSON!!! What a breath of fresh air he was to this book! I wanted to just extract him from the story and write my own with him in it=) He was so sweet and hot and manly and brave and hot and sexy and hot!=) My second and third positives are Billy and Billie. I got teary eyed a handful of times in regards to these two CUTE LITTLE BABIES!!! I think the narrator helped make them even cuter with her voice for them. I seriously could eat little Billie up! She was such a sweet little Teflon cutie! Fourth positive and it's a big one...KANE TACK ALLEN!! There is one part that literally had me in full body chills mode=) I read these out of order Motorcycle Man being my first of this series so I am ALL TO FAMILIAR with Mr. Kane Tack Allen. SWOOOOOON!! I laughed out loud so many times, I swear amid all this drama and still being able to laugh is what makes me want to squeeze KA really hard! Read everything KA that you can get your hands on!!!