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Never Loved

Never Loved - Charlotte Stein Where do I even begin!? I want to stand up and cheer! Pom poms and all! Sometimes I come across a book that is made for me. This was one of those books. I knew it right away too. I LOVE when that happens. InstaBOOKlove. It's the best thing ever ever ever with love hearts all around it and lots of happy flowers.

My perfect man is Serge! Big, HUGE, fighter, tattoos, sweet oh so SWEET, NOT a manwhore, fierce, angry, self deprecating, would die for love, plays guitar, HOT, did I mention HUGE!! I love the thought of a man being able to throw me over his shoulder=))

I thought several times in the very beginning that Bea's naivety could get on my nerves. It didn't. It just made everything that much more sweet and hot.

I just LOVED this book and can't wait to hear what others have to say! It will go on my 2015 Favs list.