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Wrong - LP Lovell, Stevie J. Cole "I don't really have morals - right and wrong, I don't play by those rules, I wasn't raised to."

What an excellent read! I haven't read either of these authors before, shame on me!! This was a cover pick for me, well that and the title. Wrong feels right=)

"This girl makes me have a f*king soul, and I can’t have that."

Jude fought his feelings from the very beginning! I love when they try to avoid their soulmate! It's impossible!!!

"She. Makes. Me. Feel.

Tor's whole world was disrupted and I loved every second of how she handled it. She never gave up and made sure that she was never pulled into total darkness. She was a fab leading lady.

"My battered heart feels whole again the second his lips touch me."

You should know that this ends with a big TO BE CONTINUED...gah!! I didn't know or I would have waited for Book 2 [b:Wrath|25570188|Wrath (Wrong #2)|LP Lovell|https://s.gr-assets.com/assets/nophoto/book/50x75-a91bf249278a81aabab721ef782c4a74.png|45370008] because I will never remember everything by the time it comes out in August! I definitely suggest this! Read it!