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Truth or Beard

Truth or Beard - Penny Reid "His mere presence did things to my throttle body."

I am not typically one that seeks out "funny" books. I like dark and depressing mostly=) This kept coming up on my goodreads feed and I saw a lot of "this was funny" type statements. So at first I thought not my cuppa. BUT the more good ratings I saw I just couldn't help myself. PLUS if you haven't figured it out by now I AM A BEARD LOVER

"You unpack those groceries so hard" LOL!!!!!!

I swear I laughed so hard!! There were just so many funny parts! My favorite most hilarious moment was when Tina brought Issac/Twilight to Thanksgiving. Seriously I was rolling over that whole scene!! "That's not a name, son. That's a time of day." My eyes were watering I was laughing so hard!!!

Duane was prefect in every sense of the word. Total dream. Jessica was his ideal mate. They were just the BEST!! I am SO glad that I got over my "i don't do funny" thing and read this book. It was absolutely worth it. I would recommend this to EVERYONE!!!! READ THIS!!!! Can't WAIT for the next book!

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