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Undefeated - Scott Hildreth Shane Dekkar was a total dream guy! He is a total alpha male badass boxer (and he growls, I LOVE a man that growls!!!). I fell in love with him instantly. I can picture his swagger!

"Why you suppose he walks like that?"
"Because he can"

EXACTLY!!! He so can!!

Kace said it perfect "Holy book f'ing boyfriend. This guy is perfect."

Shane had me awwwww'ing many times throughout this book. My favorite being "I'm coming, Kace. Coming for your heart." WHAT?!? How sweet is that!!!

"I want this feeling, forever. The right here. The right now. I want to bask in this for a lifetime. This is what the books are written about. Everyone wants this and no one actually gets it. This is heaven. This is life with Shane Dekkar."

The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars was I wanted more. I could have read three books about this story! I was able to get over that based on the fact that i just loved the whole concept of the story and Shane was just so perfect a character for me.