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Legacy - Sarah Osborne I had to stew on this book ALLLLLL weekend before I could do my review! If I hadn't it would have been full of "OMG" and "SO GOOD!" ha! I wanted to be able to say something a little more profound=)

This was one of those series that just came out of nowhere for me. Those are the best, you have no build up and no unrealistic expectations! I didn't even read the synopsis, I only knew from the title that is was an MC book. These days an MC book can go in just about any direction! This is one that you will get totally invested in, you won't want to put it down. You get down to the heart of each character. You cry when they cry. It is just something so special when that happens! There is dark and gritty, but that isn't the main focus. The is a story about a family, a big MC family that has troubles and more troubles. They also have love, the kind of love that doesn't fade...ever...no matter what. That love is tested over and over, in the end it just makes it that much stronger.

I was so impressed by this series and hope that everyone listens to me and reads it!!=)