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I See You

I See You - Ker Dukey, D.H. Sidebottom “Because capturing the making of angels, light or dark, is sacred.”

Do you like dark romance. Dark, dark, cover your mouth in horror, dark romance?!! This is it. I die for these kind of reads. The ones that make you fall in love with a monster.

"I’ve witnessed evil in its truest form in my father; he was sin incarnate and his dark, ugly evil corrupted Noah."

I love getting chills and man did I get them! This should def be read with caution. There are some definite "omg did that just happen" moments!! Really I can't say much more without spoiling things!! Read this if you dare!!!:))

"I want to fuse your scent, touch, and flavor, your sound when you moan, into every sense I own."