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Fury - Fisher Amelie You just have NO idea how excited I was for this book!!! I read [b:Vain|25420031|Vain (The Seven Deadly, #1)|Fisher Amelie|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1429895335s/25420031.jpg|21966987] in December of 2012 and quickly added it to my favs of the year list. So needless to say I was seriously excited about book 2, [b:Greed|25420035|Greed (The Seven Deadly, #2)|Fisher Amelie|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1429895429s/25420035.jpg|24891493] and now two years later book 3, Fury!! I had SUPER high expectations for this book. Ethan's character from Book 2 had me dying for his story!!! I loved him in all his gargantuan glory! He was everything I hoped for and even a little more.

"Ethan was an imposing force with his booming height, his long, dark black hair, bone-colored skin that stretched across his definitive cheekbones, Romanesque nose, and his light grey eyes. His presence was more than intimidating, it was borderline terrifying"

Ethan was my hero for most of this book, I won't give anything away but just know this man is a total force to be reckoned with. I loved that he could be a hero for Finley, she absolutely deserved it! I had chills and tears in my eyes by the end. It was an AMAZING story, but that ending WHOA! I loved it! Perfect!!

“Remember this,” I cautioned the crowd. “Never forget this. Now you have seen these children with your own eyes. Know their pain! Witness the theft of their lives,” I bellowed, releasing every ounce of fury I had left in my body, irrupting it onto their shoulders. “Now you can never say you didn’t know. You can choose only to dismiss the memory.”