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Hate F*@k: The Complete Story

Hate F*@k: The Complete Story - Ainsley Booth My reviews:

Book 1 - I loved it!!!! It was a quick hot read!! Sexual tension overload!

Book 2 - Totally digging this series!! I am 100% invested in Cole and Hailey's relationship. I want them to have their HEA!! We are not there yet, one more book! The ending was brutal but expected so it didn't sting as bad=) April needs to hurry up and get here!! Read this!!

Book 3 - Oh how I loved this series!!! I hated it to end!!!! It was such a hot as heck final book OMG!!! Cole is everything I look for in my book boyfriends! Hot as all get out, protective, fierce lover, kill for you AND die for you...see all the good qualities!!!:) I could have read another 3 books about this couple! Read this series!!!!